Good dining

In close cooperation with Olea’s Kjøkken, a new and popular restaurant, we offer our guests full board. Olea’s hearty meals are based on traditional recipes and the freshest local ingredients.

Olea’s Kjøkken seats 34 persons and is open by appointment. The three- or four-course dinners are composed by chef Geir Olsen, highlighting the season’s fish and other ingredients. The chef is also open to requests. The wine selection is adapted to complement the menu, as the proprietor of Olea’s Kjøkken believes the successful pairing of great food and good wine is the key to an enjoyable evening!

The restaurant is a charming experience all its own. Situated at Hauknesbrygga, it has been renovated and furnished in a quaint authentic style – it’s like entering another time. In the basement, the old shoe shop is preserved, complete with its stock of footwear and the equipment belonging to the cobbler’s trade.