Inner Kvarøy offers a wide range of exciting activities in magnificent surroundings.

This is the place to come for tranquillity, relaxation and rewarding adventures. The island itself is great for short excursions on foot, and we invite you to explore the nearby waters by boat. Kvarøy has beautiful beaches that are ideal for a picnic, for swimming, or just watching the waves. The youngest members of your family will enjoy the Indian Forest, a playground in natural woodlands, or exploring the shore and tide pools. We also offer many organised activities and excursions.

Bird watching
From the bird watching spot, you can observe the island’s amazing birdlife. There’s a good chance you will spot the White-tailed Sea Eagle, the largest avian predator in Northern Europe. Other common bird species include the Great Cormorant, Puffin and Mallard.
Visit a salmon farm
Now is your chance to learn the secret of top-rate Norwegian salmon. On our visit to a modern salmon farming facility, our guide will explain how the fish grows from eyed roe to salmon fry, and show you the development from smolt to fully mature fish. The aquaculture expert will explain the care that keeps the fish healthy and thriving. At the end of our tour, you will have the opportunity to taste prime quality, locally produced salmon.
Crab fishing
Clean Arctic seas and ideal temperatures make the waters of Inner Kvarøy an ideal environment for the Brown Crab. Crab season starts in July – and a crab feast at Kvarøy Sjøhus is not to be missed! Crab fishing is exciting and surprisingly easy. We rent out ready-to-use crab pots so you can test your luck. The pots are light and collapsible, and we’ll explain the fine points of crab fishing!
Fishing excursions with guide
We invite you to join us on a guided fishing trip in our Targa 27-foot power boat. This excursion is a unique opportunity to explore the seas near Kvarøy – and the chances of a great catch are excellent! We’ll tailor the fishing trip according to the group’s wishes. Fish frequently caught in local waters include Wolffish, large Saithe, Cod, Haddock, Plaice and Halibut.
Guided sea rafting trips
A guided excursion around Kvarøy in our RIB boat will bring the magnificent and varied scenery up close. On this trip, you can enjoy the island’s rich wildlife. We’ll tailor the excursion to your preferences – whether you prefer a wild ride on the open seas, a visit to a nearby attraction, a wildlife safari with great photo opportunities, or a trip that offers a delightful mix
Sea kayaking
The waters surrounding the island of Inner Kvarøy are ideal for sea kayaking. The many islets and skerries shelter the area from the onslaught of the open sea. Whether you prefer short excursions, or a longer trip with an overnight stay on one of the local beaches, the area is perfect. Kvarøy Sjøhus has four sea kayaks available for rental.